Bold Online Investment In Crypto Currency

By taking action automatically for our clients, we can effectively optimize their Bitcoin investment. We use Bitcoin investing and trading for the purpose of assisting our members with earning the maximum profits possible on the Bitcoin market

Choose The Most Suitable Plan For You.

We offer an array of investment options to meet the unique demand of each and every investor on our platform.

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Basic Plan

  • $100 minimum investment
  • $499 maximum investment
  • 10% return
  • automated Withdrawal
  • Allow Compounding
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Classic Plan

  • $500 minimum investment
  • $999 maximum investment
  • 15% return
  • automated Withdrawal
  • Allow Compounding
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Gold Plan

  • $1000 minimum investment
  • $4999 maximum investment
  • 20% return
  • automated Withdrawal
  • Allow Compounding
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  • $5000 minimum investment
  • infinity maximum investment
  • 30% return
  • automated Withdrawal
  • Allow Compounding
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Best platform to grow your bitcoin

We are a private investment firm and trusted Bitcoin investment authority.

Swift Withdrawal processing

Withdrawals are processed within the hour of request after all conditions are met

Automated Payment

Payments are automated to your wallet address unless otherwise stated for the ease of withdrawal

Profit Compounding

Profit can be compounded on your account to earn even more profit on your account.

Some Features That Makes Us unique

Our most important features include quality, innovation and cost.

Unlimited Email Support

We provide unlimited email support to our users to assist you with whatever issue you might be having.

Light Speed Transaction Processing

We offer a swift transaction processing on the blockchain wallet which meant withdrawals are processed with the hour.

24/7 Livechat Support

Our customer care representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with whatever issue you might be having.

Intel Xenon Processors

We make use of top-notch technologies to gaurantee funds security and swift transactions. We simply offer the best.

Segregated Wallet

We operate a segregated wallet technology to ensure the security of funds of our users. This is a security measure

Highly Secured Servers

Our servers happen to be the best in the industry providing complete security of funds of our client and maximum return.

Real Time Profit Monitor

You should be able to monitor the profit generated on your account in real time. This is an initiative to promote transparency

Unlimited Withdrawal

IThere is no limit to how much withdrawal that can be processed on your account. You can have unlimited withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the website about?

Bluerack was confirmed in 2017 as one of the top crypto investment companies. Our budding company offers a highly profitable investment for everyone. Years of trading experience in the multi-currency markets provide a stable income not only for company but also for numerous clients around the world. Today professional team of traders is willing to offer investment services of international class. With the development of cryptocurrency exchanges we are able to carry on non-stop trade and predict the movement of Bitcoin exchange rate in order to maximize profits.

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept deposit via bitcoin and credit card

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, you can release your principal and cancel your investment anytime with 5% administer fee and receive your funds in your wallet immediately.

May I open several accounts in your program?

Yes, you can. We do NOT impose multiple account limitation.

Should I have an active deposit to participate in your referal program?

No, is not necessary to have an active deposit to earn referral commission.
But however, you are required to have an active deposit to be able to withdraw your referal commission

How long does it take before I can withdraw?

YOu can make withdrawals from your account whenever you choose but it is recommended that you wait for the completion of 10days from deposit to get the full return of your investment
Withdrawals typical takes 30mins-1hr from request depending on the network confirmaation for your withdrawal to reflect on to your bitcoin wallet.

Want To Earn More On BlueRack?

You can earn more on blue rack by inviting your friend to join blue rack. You get a 10$ bonus for every referal you make to blue rack and 10% off every investment deposit made by your referal.


Capital Letter GmbH, HRB242418, 35/37, Ludgate Hill, EC4M 7JN London, United Kingdom. The Financial Products offered by the company include Contracts in Crypto as well as currency trading as well as other complex financial products. the returns are well structured to account for possible losses that may occur and to ensure that ever clients gets his money's worth of investment.